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Yz Clutch Adjusting

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I'm having a really hard time adjusting this thing, I pull the lever and it stays in, doesn't pop back out on its own

The push lever thing where the cable connects to stays stuck when I pull the lever, I pull it out by hand and I can push it in and out easily

What the hell?

This is frustrating
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Are you clutch screws and springs installed properly?
Sure are

At first I thought the cable had snapped, but it didn't, there's so much slack suddenly
turn you your arm back a few teeth. the clutch pull arm is on the left side of the quad. by the cases. Just pull it straight up and turn it back until its feels tight. it should take the slack out.

This is what I had to do
Get in here Stix, you should know this lol
I'll have to do that tomorrow then, what a pain in the ass this is turning out to be
have you adjusted the cable at the lever and by the engine already? do that first the resort to turning the arm back a tooth or two.

when you go to turn the arm back, the best way to do it is to loosen your adjustments back up at you lever so that it is pretty close to all the way in. then turn the arm back. That way you have plenty of room to tighten the cable up after turning it back.
How do I adjust that one, by the engine?
its on the cable, you just loosen the nut then screw the cable out, then tighten the nut back
I think the problem is the cable, I didn't lube it after it was sitting for about 7 months, I sprayed some good ol air filter oil
Simple fix, just had to turn out the long adjust nut for the cable on the engine

Nickel size worth of lever freeplay, right?
Alritey, time to fire it up
Well, I felt no difference, but the header nuts fell off, going to have to buy like the 5th pair of nuts and some threadlock this time
I have to be adjusting every 10 or so mins, cable starts to loosen up to the point that it's not pulling the lever at the bottom
Problems just don't seem to wanna stop now...

Lever at the bottom seems to be stuck, it wont return...
Clutch cable steel braided part was hitting the header and it melted the plastic onto the cable inside and it cooled down and pretty much glued it lol
lol man it sucks your having so many probs.
Ever since I've rebuilt it, I haven't really been able to ride comfortably, things just keep coming up
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