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Yfz450r baja 1000 prep

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im form San Diego and Tijuana Mexico
I race in Mexico in Baja California in a competition no longer than 150 miles (3 hours)
and I plan this year to run the baja 400,500, and the best the 1000. I have the following modifications on the atv:
Rossier r5
Fci intake
IAS delete with 38 Motorsport oil can
Flexx handle bars
Presicion elite stabilizer
Houser +1 steem
Gold speed beadlocks
Drw skid,case saver,brake protect and sprocket
Stock engine
And stock susp with triple rate springs under my weight.
I use amsoil 10w40 full synthetic

I need long travel (elka 5, axis) and roll design
everyone in the baja 1000 uses trx450 with roll design and elkas 5 and i want to be different
What modifications do you guys recommend for the yfz450r without affecting the durability of the engine and resist a 1000-mile race on all types of terrain and little more than top speed?
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Have you done the clutch basket upgrade to the 09/10 design? The 2014-up baskets have been known to fail--catastrophically.
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Sort the bump steer and get rid of the anti-dive. People talk shit about it and don’t actually know how it functions, but you’ll run into wildly insufficient caster at full sag and a forward dive if you work yourself into a whoops pack. Doesn’t make much difference in most other places.

Set the toe a little straighter than normal and around 6-8 degrees of caster.

Engine wise, a good tune with a mild rev limit and high capacity oil will be a good start. Keep the compression reasonable.

Roll design is your best bet for suspension.

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You could port it, piston, cams, and dyno it. Call Garrett from fuel customs and he can hook you up with some mods and dyno it. I would change your clutch to the Rekluse or Hinson with the 8 rivet basket. Make sure you don’t blow up your clutch on that long race. Also check out Blud racing oils. They specialize in oils for long desert racing.

FCI is in Pomona ca. about 1.5 hours from Diego.
I dont see a bigger fuel tank on your list. on compression dont go to high on piston. Our pemex 93 octane is pretty good sourced out of Texas refineries but try to avoid the green 87 octane. Look into a high output stator for all the elctronics you will run, lights, comunication, navigation.
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