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Good morning guys , new to the forum , anyway my names mike , I ride mostly motorcross (ktm sxf250) , build a lot of motors for friends and myself , but new to the yfz’s

Picked up an 06 a couple of weeks ago ( the guy claimed was needing a rod bearing ) stripped it to find one of the main bearings had collapsed , multiple weld repairs to the crank casings and the oil pump bore chewed to bits , cam journals also have picked up - needless to say there’s not much salvageable other than the gearbox , crank and barrel .

I’m in the uk so importing parts mounts up quickly ,there’s a lad in Britain that claims to have a running yfz engine with warrantee , he says it’s a carbed variant but can’t guaratee the age of quad it came out , also running an “s3 cylinder”?, I’ve also noted the positioning of the starter as being in front of the barrel which I thought was strange as mines at the rear.

I’ve attached some photos of my own casings and latterly the potential new engine , could anyone clarify for me a rough age of it ? Have both engine serial numbers if that sheds any light also ?

Any pointers/advice would be greatly appreciated .


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