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Yfz450 Asr Plus 2 A- Arms And Front Stockers

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selling my standard travel plus 2 asr a-arms and front stock shocks. looking to get a nice set of long travel.
if anyone has a set of long travel w/ shocks i have a kx80 just rebuild the entire bike willing to trade let me know
a-arms are two years old and the stock shocks are 2005 se
(plus the front shocks depending on your setup.)

the shocks can be seen here:

here is the suspension
not sure how much my guess is 400 obo all together?
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bump these things need to go :) will seperate arms and shocks*
do you have any pics of the arms? and what color are they. pm me the pics and price for just arms.
never mind on the pics lol... didnt click on the link
yea theres that link haha
price for arms shipped to 01510
Hey, are these arms still available? If so can you pm me a price to 08857. Thanks man
price for just the arms shipped is 250.. and the shocks would be 175 shipped. OBO :)
pm me better pics of the aarms please or email them

[email protected] very interested!!
hey do you still got the arms available.

pm me.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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