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Yfz Starting Issue

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The bike runs awesome, but getting it started after a week of being in the garage from the last session was a nightmare. Got out to the track and then tried to start it, nothing. No click, no turn-over, nothing. So, I jumped it at the relay using a pair of pliers, it turns over and starts. Now I know the battery is good. So, I figure I need to get a new relay. Come back in, rest, and then get ready for round two. Tried starting it by way of the starter button just to see if it worked and I wouldn't have to pull the seat off. It actually started right up! So, I turn it off and put my helmet and gloves on. Get back on and try to fire it up. It turns over, and over, and over...it's not starting. So, look over the wiring and everything seems fine, well, except for the nuetral sensor wire, the blue thin line by the shifter. That was severed, so I reconnected it. Still no start. There's gas running through it, theres compression but there's no spark. But when we then decided to push start it, the quad fired up right away. So, as soon as we got it started, I never turned it off and it ran great. Then I take it in and the mechanic does his best to trouble shoot the situation. He checked all the electrical connections and they are all getting a current and then suggests it might be the cdi box. So, I borrow a friends and bring that in. Now he says there's an "inconsistant spark." Not sure what to make of it all. Any one have a suggestion?
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