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Yfz Problems

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So last year before memorial weekend I took my stock bike, put a pipe, intake, cam mod, different gearing and rejet it. Went to the dunes. It ran great for two days. The third day I was riding and it started to bog down on me. I could go at quarter throttle for a few minutes but as soon as I started climbing a dune and gave it a little more gas it would bog down and then would run like crap for awhile then it would start going again. It did this for a couple days. I took it into the shop because it was brand new and still under warranty. They messed with it and said they couldn't find anything wrong. They said it ran fine for them. I took it home and rode it for 10 minutes. Did the same thing. Took it back. Said they messed with it and "bypassed a torque switch". Anybody ever have similar problems?
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"bypassed a torque switch"--- :strokin: Go to a different dealer. Otherwise maybe you stretched your timing chain beating on her out in the dunes. Kind of tough to call with out riding her. I want to say carb, but you said it ran great for two days first. It's possible you got some junk in the carb and it's clogging up the one or more of the jets. Have you taken it apart and cleaned it? That would be my next step or go to a different dealer.
It is not a torque switch, it is is a Throttle over ride switch (tors) They do cause problems sometimes. If it is unplugged and the problem goes away you know what is is. Also it could be just a cable adjustment.
Bad gas?
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