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Yfz Part Out New Picsss

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ALL the following parts are off a 2004 yfz Open to all offers

Stock Heel Guards- Make Offer
Nerf Bars- 95

Plastics - make offer
rear tires and rims--make offer

Clutch perch - Make Offer

Swing arm - Make Offer

1 stock Steering Stem - Make Offer

Rear Axel- Make Offer
Handle Bars- Make Offer

Pleasae everything has to go start making some offers get this stuff out of here

Please Follow the link for some pictures of the quad im sorry i still am yet to figure out how to post them on this thread so if anyone can do it for me please do so id really appreciate it.

Also for payment method I accept Paypal, Money Order, And All Major Credit/Debit Cards


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IMS Bumper, do you have pics? I'm interested. Thanks.
nm, not really what i am looking for. sorry
... ok did the link work for you though
the link did work. ;)

I may let you know on the bmpr..i just would have to powder it tho haha
haha gotcha ye well just lmk
i'll let you know on that bumper soon, I'm waiting to hear from another guy that had one up but i havnt heard back yet.
do you have the stock shifter and sprocket hub? how much shipped to 16116?
please make offers on random parts...im not sure exactly what to ask for so just shoot me offers
FCI by any chance??
ttt start making some offers on these parts so i can get my build started....thanks alot steve
what color are the plastics and do you have a complete rear break assembly
all the pictures are in the link in my thread and the plastics are blue and yes have the brake assembly
ttt come on guys this stuff has to go open to all offers added some updated pics after the teardown
1 - 20 of 29 Posts
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