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YFZ Dawg's 4Fiddy....that be me B)

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after its first mods :woo

oh no... that didnt work
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OK there we go!


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my back up in the foreground...shee doesnt see much time anymore, but then again its a little to hard to handle on the track since putting on the drag ports.


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that is awsum..... are the nerfs the only mod or is there another i can see?
one more.... terrible place to take pics doesnt do the fiddy justice.


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nice how do you like them? how do they mount up in the front? I know its pretty tight between those tubes and the oil tank.
the mods are the Arens nerfs, billet gas cap, billet brake block off, skid,tether, and AC front bumper.....which I just noticed these pics were taken before the bumper went on. DOH :shock
Sweet quad!

Now you have to give it to me or Ill kick you off the board! Muhahahha <_<

Ok, not really. Congrats on the sweet ride dude!
Looks real good. I like the looks of the nerfs.
Nice mods YFZ Dawg! how do you like your nefs? I am going to wait for the Pro Pegs. Quad is coming along nice!
Alright.....I see you said tether switch. You need to do a write up for us electrical retards so we can hook our switches up too.............. :lol :lol
Originally posted by cjpoole1@Jul 24 2003, 09:25 PM
nice how do you like them? how do they mount up in the front? I know its pretty tight between those tubes and the oil tank.
Its starting to take on a look of its own... I love this quad! I would recomment the Arens nerfs to anyone. What a great polished set with a super fit. Two wrenches they install in less then 10 minutes. I had no problems with the spacing between the frame and oil tank....until I brought home the skid and tried installing it. The wings that come up to deflect stuff by the motor are in the way of the mounting cross brace of the nerfs, rather then cutting the skid to fit I just loosened the cross brace and moved it up about 3" only then did it get tight to the oil tank. Still no harm thou.
I love the stock pegs of the YFZ and they feel just right for me so I didnt want to loose them. I didnt wait for the ACs because I feel the pro pegs are like standing on platforms of a 4x4 and the tubing wall thickness is less and not as durable in my eyes.
Thanks for all the comments, damn id figured to keep it somewhat stock for awhile....that went right out the window huh :lol
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Took a good pic of the YFZ finally.
damn...did it again....heres the pic! :re


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why don't you take those black foot grauds off?
and is it just me or is your front rim bent?
Mate the tether fitting must be easy if I can do it.
Take the longest wire out of the kill switch and splice it to the solid white wire out of the cdi.
The second wire is grounded to the frame.

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