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Yfz 450 throttle feels different?????

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my yfz 450 throttle feels weird like im giving it 1/4 throttle and it seems like its bogging down but its not. also i am driving it like 10 feet or 20 feet and then stopping. but it feels different. this is my first 450 since a polaris sportsman so maybe its going to get some time getting used to. Any possibe reasons why?
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I would check to make sure someone did not over tighten the cam caps, if they did it probably wrecked the cam/s and journals,
the quad also dies if you rev it quick from idle it dies almost every single time and if it dosent it bogs but wont die. also at quarter throttle it seems to studder but once past that it runs fine.also when i give it gas and then rev it quick it dosent die but when it comes down from the rev at the very last moment before idle it will pop. i have the airbox lid removed and the zip tie mod has been done.will using a bigger zip tie work? because i still saw lag when i pressed the throttle to wot.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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