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Yfz 450 Jetting Help

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well my 2006 yfz 450 has a hmf slip on, air box lid removed, and k&n air filter. i have a 170main jet, 48 pilot,mixute screw 2 3/4 turns out and needle on the 4th clip. when i first start off riding its fine then once i get about in to 2nd, 3rd gear it runs but sounds like its to cut out. but once i get in to 4th, or 5th it runs fine. i thought about putting the needle on the 3rd clip. what should i do? also i live in about 1100 elevation(oklahoma).
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Its all going to be trial and error because of small variations but I would say step down the pilot to a 45, Air/Fuel maybe 2.25 to 2.5 turns out and change out the needle from stock to the dirt bike needle(NCVQ?) on like the 3rd clip. Also a BIG THING to do his hit the page like this


and look for people with similiar setups to base off of. Again I think you are close but just needs some tweaking I believe.
thanks i went to the 3rd clip and it runs perfect. also one reason it was running bad the fuel valve was clogged l :mhihi:
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