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Wtf Is Wrong With My Yfz 450

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I just recently bought another yfz 450 after mine got stolen.. its an 05.. i think it has a cam mod.. and an hmf exhaust.. the first day i got it.. i was soo eagr to ride the damn thing.. i jumped on it.. drove it around for a while.. it ran strong.. well then i drove threw some water.. unfortunately the airbox little plug wasnt even on the bike.. water and sand went all threw my airbox.. i took the yfz home... tore off the carb.. took it apart.. cleaned allll the sand out of the carb.. put it all back togeather.. and forgot how many turns to put the air/fuel mixture screw in.. (so maybe that has something to do with this) anyways.. i put it all back togeather.. fired up right away.. drove it around the block.. ran good.. i got it home .. and when i went too put it in nuetral.. it was Reallly rough.. took like 2 minutes to get in nuetral.. i shut the bike off.. and rode it later that day.. and it was fine.. (but it is backfireing and running kinda w00terty now) .. today i started it up.. and went for a ride.. after about.. 15 minutes.. it was like the clutch wasnt disengaging.. i mean i could pull out and everything.. but i couldnt even pull up a wheelie.. it was like.. the RPM's were reving up but the bike wouldnt go faster.. almost seemed like i was peeling out.. rode it too a friends house... (couldnt get it into nuetral) let the bike sit for like 2 hours... started it up... and it ran fine.. was able too doo wheelies and everything... but after about 15 minutes... the same w00ter... any suggestions?? ive searched all over the internet.. and all threw these forums.. no one seems too have had the same problem
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need a new clutch
Have you changed your oil since your amphibious adventure?
haha no.. but i checked it.. and there was no sand or anything in it.. but no.. i havent changed it.
is there any way too be sure if i need a new clutch? like maybe take the clutch cover off and look at em.. (im assuming theres some oil in the case and a gasket i would needd too replace if i took the cover off.. is that the only way too check? could it just be that i need to change my oil?
if you burnt up the fibers witch im sure you have then the oil will be dark and have a burnt smell to it.you can get the clutch cover off without damaging the gasket if your careful some oil might come out but it shouldnt be that much.
Change your oil and see if they'res dirt or sand in it. If so, then you've got a bigger problem than the air screw. :shocker:
when i get the clutch cover off.. what should i look for as far as damage? and whats a good clutch too get for the yfz 450
you need to adjust your clutch lever/cable there need to be "play" or "slack in the lever..... prob. to late now! sounds like the fibers are already burnt up!
ok.. i changed the oil... seems like no sand.. is there any way when i submerged my yfz in water... that it could have some how affected the clutch?? if my clutch is burnt up... whats a good clutch to get?? i just doo alot of trail riding.. and a few hill climbs..
i would run it a little (2 minutes or so) and change the oil again just to be EXTRA safe.

as far as a clutch i hear GYTR makes a decent clutch....
maybe u shattered a fiber i dk its worth a shot to take a look kinda sounds like thats wat happened i had that happen to me on my 250f forgive me on my spellin if its a off
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