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Wtb 2006-2008 Complte Motor Asap

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Need a 2006-2008 complete motor
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i got a 2007 bcs built motor, ported head & cp piston. it runs excellent. it does have some jb weld on it right below where the clutch cable lever goes into the case. it was like this when i bought it last spring & i ran it all year without any problems. $1000 obo let me know if your interested.

got the carb too if its needed
<div align='center'> i have a motor it has the gytr kick start 13:1 piston janssen porting the carb is bored i got 1st place in ice racing this year in one of my classes and beat some pros so that says something i will let it go for 1400 plus shipping
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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