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Wr450f Crank And Piston

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hi i am putting in a wr450f crank and dont know what year wr piston to order for it, 03 to 04 or the newer year one because i ordered a JE 03 to 04 piston and it looks wrong it is domed up insted of inward i can post pics if needed
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here are pics of the new piston that is supposed to be 13.5:1 compression and the old one that was 13.5:1 compression. so im pretty sure that they sent me the wrong compression, let me know what you think.

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Different brand = Different design, if the other piston you put in was for an 03 to 04 than you should be fine.
thats why i dont like wiseco, compared to a stock piston the wiseco is dished more. the je piston is probly a more true 13.5:1 piston. i would run it.
how did that wiseco piston work on your bike?
was it reliable
thanks guys
the wiseco worked fine untill the cylinder warped and i got realy bad blow by so now im replacing the cylinder and the piston
i havent much good about wiesco, someone said it doesnt work well because of the metal or something they use, everyone i know HATES them
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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