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Would it work | Non OEM rectifier / voltage regulator from AliExpress | YFZ 450 2005 Limited Edition

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Hello dear YFZ Central users,

I have YFZ 450 2005 Limited Edition on which before few month stator died. I got an info that when you replace stator, you should replace rectifier because it most likely died too.

Before I knew that info, I installed LED bulbs. After revving it a bit, they both burned, so I assume that my rectifier died when the stator died.

Any idea will a non OEM rectifier from AliExpress work well? I am riding it once a week and can't stand that I don't have lights when I ride in woods.

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Rule of thumb is supposed to stay away from Chinese electrical parts. But OEM ( originally engineered / manufactured ) parts cost a ton but you get what you pay for. If your in a pinch, try 1PZ brand on ebay and you get what you pay for. All electrical components, throttle cables headlights stuff like that
1 - 2 of 2 Posts