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hey hows it going so i bought a 2006 yfz 450 from my buddy that was blown up but i went riding with him last summer and it ran like a champ! has the stage 3 alba racing motor. i had cylnder sent out and re nickelplatted and new piston rings gasket kit and everything done right. my timing is set perfectly even had a couple other people double check it. it is definitely getting very good compression my sore leg can prove it lol. it will just not run!!!! every once in a while it will try to start but never actually stay running! it seems to try to start the first few kicks after it sits overnight but then does not seem to try as i keep kicking which is really strange. i did have the carb off and cleaned all the jets out but did not make any changes in it and fuel screw is 2 1/2 turns out exactly where it was! i brought my feeler guage home to check valve adjustment and the exhaust valve seemed perfect at .009 right where it should be but i couldnt get my guages to fit in the intake side(but i highly doubt it could be out of adjustment but who knows...) i am getting good spark for sure and i smell fuel when kicking over engine. too much fuel not enough fuel could be a possibility? im running vp 120 octane which i was told the quad was tuned to run on. it has me so stumped having me go to bed pissed off every night! :angry
any help would be much appreciated or any suggestions!!! thank you!!!

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