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Wiseco Or Cp

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well here i go... 2 weeks ago i crack my oem 2 months old piston and iam thinking about instaling a std bore 12.1 wiseco or cp piston but ive been researching and ive heard good and bads things about both piston soo i dont really dont know to which piston to go with.... ima gonna be doing desert racing in california and ia wabt to know if piston compresion i want to run is good or should i stay with stock compresion.... i hope you guys can help me out.

thanks abraham
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between the 2 you listed I would go with cp. What about gytr? I have a je 12.8 in my kfx450 and love it.
personally I prefer Custom CP Pistons.

Get ahold of Venom and ask them about their 12.5:1

you can run it on premium pump. That's my choice.

I had a Velocity Racing Custom CP that was 14.5:1 and loved it, but I dont wanna run race gas unless i have to. :)
I have a CP in mine and haven't had a complaint.
CP is the best of the best
thanks you guys... and i really what it too last becouse ive been having problems with pistons that doesnt hold too much desert racing.

they told me to buy forged piston they say they last longer.
CP all the way ive herd bad things about JE and wiesco....
jump in a 12.5:1 CP i can still run pump gas and they arent that expensive. check out KBMotorsports he is a site sponcer and he has them the cheapest ive seen!
actually just bought one off of him like 2 weeks ago :clap:
you shold get a venom 12.25:1 piston its a custom cut cp piston and should give u great performance and reliability,i just got one 2 weeks ago and love it :icon_cool:
how much did u pay for the venom cut?
QUOTE (cubanaso @ Mar 9 2009, 10:45 PM) index.php?act=findpost&pid=755900
how much did u pay for the venom cut?[/b]

they're $245
in that case im happy with my $190 Shelf piston
it IS only a 12.5 pump gaser after all
thanks ima gonna have to look for that site were i could get that piston..... and ill later post up how it came out.. and if you guys have any more info that it could help just let me know

thanks abraham
QUOTE (cubanaso @ Mar 9 2009, 09:06 PM) index.php?act=findpost&pid=755941
in that case im happy with my $190 Shelf piston
it IS only a 12.5 pump gaser after all[/b]

and how much time have you had it?
im installing it friday LOL.
i did the research on brand b4 i bought it on this website and YFZtech.com
and vertually everyone said the for the YFZ the CP pistons where the way to go.
as for the custom cuts i didnt really look into it much due to the fact that i knew they'd be at least $40-50 more
and i would MAYBE get half a HP more...... ill keep my self piston
if i where going higher compression like a 14.5:1 then thats a different story custom makes a segnificant difference.
u understand what im saying??
ive seen ALOT of ppl on all these sites running these pistons and never encountered any problems.
i cant say ive herd the same about JE and Wiesco.
bro i can get u some comparison pics of stock vs. CP if that will help u any
God Luck
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