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so turns out what i was hoping to just be a seized crank in my 05 yfz developed into a dropped valve which basically destroyed my motor. ive been without a running quad for 4 months now and im finally getting around to fixing it. luckily i bought a wr250r to keep my need to ride satisfied.
anyway i now need a new head along with a cylinder, piston, crank, etc... i already have my eyes set on the athena 480 kit paired with a wr crank but where can i get a good head? im looking to build the bottom end withing the next couple weeks so i can hold off until around mid january to buy the head. im looking at this one right now on ebay but if i could get one from a site sponsor or someone legit i would rather do that.
YFZ450 YFZ YZ WR 450 Ported Cylinder Head Cams Valves | eBay
id hate to buy a used head but if i could get one cheap enough and just swap out the valves/guides/seals with new id be fine with that.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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