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Where Do You Put Your Tether On The Bars?

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I got the 'off' brand pro design type tether switch, but it seems like the pro taper bars on my 07 are too fat. I put it right next to my brake perch, but there is still a little gap between the 2 pieces, is this normal?

Also, how do I wire this thing up? Do I just ground the short wire to my frame and hook the long one to some red wire? Browsing last night I found a red & black and a red & white wire.

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no dont hook it to the red i blow fuses when i did.While common sense would tell you to install the kill switch just like the factory installed the stock handle bar kill switch this is NOT the way to install a kill switch on the YFZ450. You will first need to remove your plastics to gain access to the proper wires for installation. Located by the oil filler hole on the cases you will see a bundle of wires, follow these wires upward. The wires will split into pairs, continue to follow the red (maybe pink) and white pair.

These wires will lead you to a plug. Using a small saddle type wire connector, take the long wire from the Tether Switch and connect/splice it to the white wire just after the plug connection. The other wire coming from your Kill switch (the short one) goes to any available frame bolt on the bike and is your ground wire.
Your tether is now wired properly; mount it securely to your handlebars and you're ready to ride.
Thank you! I kept reading wire it to the red wire, then some other conflicting instructions. ???

I have all my plastics off and traced those wires up to the bundle, but didn't want to hook it up before I got some more info on which on to really hook in to. Is that a solid white?
I used this method to wire mine and have had no problems with it and even had to do it a second time when I upgraded to a Ricky stator and it works perfect.

I mounted mine in between the crossbar and the lower bar and it mounts solid. My Pro Armour came with the adapter to fit both 7/8 and 1 1/8 bars.
I think I should have gotten with that fit bigger bars. Whatever though, as long as it doesn't fall off.

I have a stock CDI, so won't me NOT grounding it affect something?
i have mine grounded and try to put your tether up by your cultch lever. i got a tether for 7/8 bar and mine is 1 1/8 i made it work ill put a pic on here
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I have a stock CDI, so won't me NOT grounding it affect something?[/b]
I have pulled mine out several times either from flipping my quad, or just bailing to get to a friend that has rolled and it hasn't hurt my stock cdi at all, I even left it with the tether activated and the key on for almost 30 minutes while helping a friend out and got right back on, reset the tether and fired the quad right up.

if you look at Davenports picture, mine is mounted where he has the blue zip tie.
I got mine to fit best on the other side of the bars, right next to the brake perch. I'm pretty sure mine was made for smaller bars, not the tapered ones on my 07.

Am I going to have any problems with it there that I'm not thinking of? Thanks for the help guys!
The tether doesnt care if you mount it on the bars, the frame, grab bar, you get the idea. The point is does it work when it gets activated and kills the motor.
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