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what does everyone have done to their YFZ already?

I will start.

Full Razor2
douglas ultimate beadlocks
full HMF pipe
PRM skid
Full DeRisi pro Millinium revalve kit.
Derisi foot peg extenders
on the way
Burgard a-arms
IMS tank

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let's see.....

"Exriders signature" :lol

On it right now...

CR high bend renthal Fat bars w/ blue renthal bar pad.
Pro-taper bar risers
Renthal medium firm grey grips
PRM .190 full belly skid plate
GYTR Billet hubs, front and rear
LSR parking brake block-off
"Cam Mod"
"air box lid removed"

Here, but not on yet.....

Douglas ultimate beadlocks rear, conventional center
Douglas rolled edge fronts, 4-1 offset conventional center
Kenda klaws. 18X10.5X8 rear, 20X6X10 front.
2001 YZ 426F twist throttle

On order, should show up soon.......

PEP LT ZPS front shocks, with rezzies and covers
LSR DC-4 LT a-arms, Blue.
Galfer Front braided brake lines
Custom front bumper, like the AC racing....
AC pro-peg with built in heal guards
Curtis Sparks Full pipe.
James Dean Jet kit.
Dual Rate PEP rebuilt rear shock, ZPS
LSR +4 Rear axle w/ lock nut and sprocket hub

.....Do you want to know what I've taken off?.... :lol

.....I probably forgot something.....Ohwell, you get the idea :wtf

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That thing sounds pretty cool I want to see some pics when it is done.

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baldwinn exhaust
gyt-r 13:1
cam mod
no airbox lid

TCS shocks all around
denton longtravel aarms
lsr stem
Tag t2s
pd kill switch
stainless steel brake lines
rpm axle when they get done makin them
pep chain roller extension
ARENS nerfs

new wheels and tires soon
bumper and grabar as soon as i see something i like
also need to get a block off and axle locknut
thats about it on mine

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lid thrown out
13:1 piston
YZ exhaust cam
Sparks pipe
Tag X5s
kickstart only
35lbs of crap taken off
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