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What to do stock 10 yfz450x

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I jus traded one of my street bikes for my 1st quad that an 10. 450x..its stock mostly..the guy I got from said had diff sprocket and cam and I know nothing about em..I jus wondering what kind upgrades wud u guys recommend.. I b jus riding occasionally w some friends when we hit the local trails which some places r lil rough and rocky..thanks
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Sorry for dumb question but whats the difference from an x to an r?
X is xc width and r is mx
Stabilizer flex bars good tires and nerfs if if it doesn't have
Xc is better in the trails
Grab an hour meter!! Keep track of hours for the maintenance intervals
Any of yall guys know what sprocket set up would be good for my '14, looking for a set up racing a 1/4 mile dirt strip. Current mods are drd pipe with msd. Would like to just change the front if possible
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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