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What Map You Guys Running?

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I have a sparks full exhaust, pro design filter kit, and a power commander 5. I was wondering if you guys were running the map off of power commanders site or have you found a better one? Thanks!
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I have a complete DASA exhaust system,Twin Air filter and the air box lid removed.The PC5 is mapped for the same mods but with a GYTR system and only because to date I don't believe they have a map for the DASA system.So if you or anyone knows of such a map let us know.
Runs awesome also with the mods.Great power all thru the power band.
First thing I done was change the wheels and tires.Went with Hiper Tech 3 beadlocks all around and 20's up front and 18's rear.What a difference it made.Unbelievable bottom power.Like dropping a tooth in the front .Maybe even a tooth and a half!.
Ride hard!
Blown.......... Why don't you call DASA and get a map from them.
At the time the pipe was purchased there was not a map for there pipe.I guess they just were into making the pipe for the new R and didn't have a chance to dyno one on the new R and fine tune so to make a map yet?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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