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What Clutch Is Better? And Why?

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what do you all think is a good clutch upgrade the recluse or the lockout they sell on ebay i have excessive slipping in the clutch i have the gytr clutch upgrade and it still has slipping thank you
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my brother in-law had the rekluse clutch on his 450r, pretty cool concept, but didn't hold up whatsoever to MX!
From what i have read the lock up is more for drag racing, but i could be wrong on this one.
Lock up is for drag racing.

If your clutch is slipping "excessively" then you could be having other problems. Check your oil for metal and if thats a no then it could just be the oil you are running. Unless you have a built engine. What mods have been done to your engine? You should look into the yz clutch mod too
i only have the cam mod done with the gytr clutch componets gytr pipe maybe i need to just change the oil i use yamalube
Yeah you shouldn't be slipping much if any then
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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