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What Bars To Get?

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i was wondering what the best bar bend is out there for the yfz's. Im 6ft tall and need a raise and just a different bend. I bought the quad and the guy before me threw on some shi#$y dirtbike bars. Just wondering what the best bar out there is for the 60dollar range? I do belive i will have to extend cables and lines so what is the best way to do that? Also my stock stem has been twisted and twisted back so it now is pretty fragile, so if anyone wants to sell me a stocker that has not been messed up or an aftermarket let me know, i just hate to spend 350 on a stem.
Thanks i know its a long post
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if you are just trying to raise it with bars i think it will look horrible. you will have ape hanger bars on there. The cheapest way is to find a set of risers and then buy a set of bars that you like in the bend you can deal with and then that would be your best bet with wanting them raised and not wanting to spend money. I have a set of trail tech risers that are like 2inches and id rid of them for 40 shipped or with some black pro taper contour bars for 75 shipped.
what he said ^^^ might as well get a +2 stem if yours is about to go anyways.. i know you dont want to spend money, but subtract $60 from the cost and the cost it will be when the current one breaks (which it will your next crash probably) lol
well i am now actually considering buying a raised stem, but would like to know what brands to shoot for. Also i guess what would be a good combo with a +2 stem and bars?

2 hunnert. maybe not the most reputable website though, hang on.
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2 hunnert. maybe not the most reputable website though, hang on.[/b]

I've ordered from moto-man. Order shipped the same day and arrived the next with their standard shipping. Don't be skurred lol.



more reputable site = more expensive. houser, lonestar and LAEGERS are good brands

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I would also check out the site sponsor Burgard Cycle. They have a very nice quality stem at a very reasonable price!
check out motosport.com
there are lots of good stems out there, and alot of people run the "CR-HI" bend bars and seem to like it, not sure if that would be too much height though. as for cables, if it gets too tall, you will need a longer upper break line, usually the clutch and throttle will go a good bit longer, if not, you will have to get extended lines. all the electrical stuff will move up though.
I run a Houser+2 Stem with CR Mid Pro Tapers. The houser and burgard stems seemed to be the best deal, when I bought mine anyway.
Have I got the perfect setup for you.

I've got a Burgard +1 antivibe stem for sale. I also have some Pro Taper ATV Hi bend bars with grips. Bars are brand new, and stem is also pretty new. let me know if your interested
i would go with the houser +2 i dumped my quad a few times and not bent it the protaper bar cr bend is a good combo. the money up front woulf be better that spending and then have to repalce for even more.
ooookay. I've got another one for ya. If I want a set of bars that are just tall enough for me to NOT have to extend the brake line when bolted to the stock stem on a 2006, what do I do? Right now I have Renthal's 787 "400ex bend" on the assembled portion of my YFZ in my garage, and they've always scared me. I have to set it up just right or else the brake line stretches. Am I right in saying that the CR-hi bend bolted to the stock 2006 YFZ stem would actually be shorter than stock YFZ bars bolted to the stock stem?

If that was too confusing, basically I need to know what bars can I buy that are just a little taller than stockers on an '06 when bolted to a stock '06 stem.
A 6' rider really doesn't need a longer stem but if thats what makes you comfortable go after it. I ran the Pro Taper High bend bars on my blaster and they worked great
The taller your steering is the more control you have over the quad, this is only to a cetain point, and yes there is an extremity.
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