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Hey Guys,

Wanted to provide a little update on TQS. We have been going through some big changes the past few months. Unfortunately this caused some customer service issues as well (delays in shipping, hard to reach on the phone). Most of you know me as Steve the owner of TQS. However not everyone knows that I am also a career fireman. I took a new Fire Chief position and quickly realized balancing both jobs proved to be much too difficult. So after a lot of thinking I have decided to restructure the website and the products we sell. Some changes you will see are:

New website where customer can log in to view tracking and order status (Customers have been asking for this for years)

New product lists. TQS will no longer be an all parts store. I want to shift my focus to the most popular parts and those specialty parts you guys have been coming to us for years to find. Dont worry. We will still have all the big 3 kits available. Some examples of what you will see slowly disappear from our inventory are goggles, riding gear, billet aluminum etc..

Quicker phone response time with text messaging available

I love TQS. I love the ATV market and all of the support I have had from these forums for 10 years now! I hope that these changes will help me serve you guys better and give you an overall better shopping experience.

In the mean time check out our new website. http://www.tqsatv.com Look for products to change drastically over the next couple months.

Also if anyone has attempted to contact us by email and did not receive a response please send it again. Our email server had been down all week and finally got back up this morning.
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