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in grams-
880- Stock radiator w/cap and brass fittings only (brass weighs 77)
1475- Stock full
1562- PWR radiator empty (same as stock)

I couldnt get a full PWR weight, it was to much for the little scale, but the stock radiator holds approx. 1 1/8 pts, the PWR 1 1/2 pts. Not as much of a difference in fluid capacity as I expected, but there is way more cooling surface on the PWR.
So, it looks like I gained about 682g of radiator and 191g of coolant= 873g

556- Stock empty with drain bolt
882- UM oversize aluminum tank w/bolt empty

The oil tank holds approx 1 qt more oil adding about 838.
So, it looks like an extra 1164g

Thats a little more than 4.5 lbs gained.
Removing the battery/starter/fan is supposed to loose how much? 14 lbs?
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