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Water Pump Problems.

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So a while back my coolant began to leak out of my weep hole. I pulled the pump off and replaced the small seal (the one behind the impeller with the metal ring around it.) I was told that would do the trick. Now I think its dumping my coolant into my oil? Does this sound about right and what can I do to fix it? Thanks
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you need to replace both seals, the bearing and the shaft.

just replacing the outer seal is a short term fix because the worn bearing and shaft will wear out the new seal in no time.

its like putting a new chain on worn sprockets
Thank you! But another question. Is it likely that my impller shaft and bearing are bad even though it doesnt leak out of the cover anymore? No leaking at all the I can see. It just seems that my coolant is never full. and when I say never. I mean i can pour some in and 1 hour later its gone. But nothing is leaking?
is your weep hole blocked?

if it is the coolant will be forced past the oil side seal and into the oil.

if it isnt, the coolant is getting in elsewhere. is it just disapearing or is your oil turning milky?
The oil is turning milky. Once upon a time...3 months ago it began to leak. one of my not so intelligent friends told me to just silicon the outside cover and weep hole... this is my first water cooled fourwheeler and I wasnt very "up to date" on how it worked or how it should work. But once i figured i did a huge stupid mistake I pulled it all apart and cleaned the silicon out. But there is always a possibility that a stray peice of silicon has gotten into the weep hole. I will check tommorow.
you should silicone your friends mouth shut so he cant give any more bad advice lol
I will have to do just that. Or i can let him leave his all siliconed up and just wait for it to mess up very nicely. Havent decided if im going to tell him yet lol. ....i guess i should tho. :icon_neutral:
pulled the cover off and found quite a bit of silicon floating around. Cleaned it again...ran it for a bit...cleaned it again. problem solved. The weep hole was cloged. Thanks for the help:) you just saved me from one massive headache.
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