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Warrior Help

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Ok i got this warrior, itll run in reverse all day, but when you go to let out the clutch n gear it makes a godawful clunk and bang and popping from the bottem end and wont move??? what could it be????? quad sat for 2 year about all the info i have on it.
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sounds like some kind of debris loddged in the case. warriors are 5 speed arn't they? :)
sumone told me sumtihng about there be a plastic type sprocket in the oil pump that will amke it do this, i donnoo. have to check it out
I have a warrior and have had a similar problem with mine. When mine did that I had put it in reverse from 1st gear not neutral. What I did was turn it off put in neutral the go from reverse to forward. Hope this helps
Check the adjustment shaft on the reverse selector switch. It is common in Warriors for those to get out of adjustment and present the problems that you have indicated. It sounds like it is not fully engaging from reverse to the forward gears. They are 6 speed transmissions, and the engine has not changed much since the quad first came out over a decade ago.
the way i understand it, you have teh sam eproblems as mine sometimes. mine does it when its not fully in reverse. when i go from reverse to first most the time you pull it to first and let the clutch out till it almost grabs and then pull the clutch in adn push the reverse shifter up all the way. hope this helps
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