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Wanted To Buy

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I think I am going to start working on getting my LT front end. So i am going to put up a post. IDK for sure what i am wanting or looking to go with but figured id go ahead and see what some people was looking to get rid of. I was hoping to find something to trade for my stock MXP rebuilt shocks that have just been PC'd and only one race since new and also my Houser ST +.5 arms and tie rods.

Let me know what you have and plese post pics or send them to [email protected]

Will also be interested in a rear shock setup too if the right deal comes across.
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Alright guys i have a buyer for my arms.. I need to sell my stock rebuilt shocks or put them in a trade for an XC front end.. Looking for something Long Travel.. So if you have anything let me know. If you would wanna do some trading and cash i can do that or i need to sell my shocks in the for sale section to be able to come up with all cash. Needing to get something with in 3 weeks so let me know what we can do....
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