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Wanted: Laegers Or Jb A-arms For '07 Yfz!

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I just bought the 18.5" PEP shocks. The dude I bought them from said Laegers and JB's would fit for sure, but I need to find the new ones to find the longer shock. I think the new laegers are +2 3/4 or 3/8. Any help with finding a-arms to fit these would be great! I need them ASAP! Race season is comin up fast!


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18.5" shocks will fit ALOT of A-arms, JB +2, +3, Laeger's +2, +3, Janssen Racing +2, Houser +2, amonst several others, But they have to be at least +2 and Long Travel, So you have several Options!

All a-arms designed for 18.5 will work. These are long travel shocks- doesnt matter if width is +2 or +.5- as long as the a-arms are built for 18.5" shocks. pretty much all yfz are built for 18.5 inch shocks- laeager,JD and JB make a-arms in both a-arm designs and use 17.5" shocks or 18.5"
Walsh + 3 LT with tie rod end walsh for 18.5 in shock 800$ like new
Ok all I have to say is be careful here......Laeger's and JB Racing have made two different sets of a-arms for different shock sizes. One being there first sets, that took a 17.5" And the other being the newer design that took 18.5" shocks. Just make sure whatever a-arms you are looking at buying look where the shock mounting point is. (The one closer to the ball-joint is the 18.5" design) Keep that in mind.

Also you must be from minnesota seeing youre screen name.....I will also be racing all the motokazie races this year.

Best of luck to you.

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