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Wanted Kick Start Lever

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Need a kick start lever the GYTR one is on a big backorder from dealers but if someone has a used one or a used 98 yz250 one in good shape I'll be up for it. Or if any site shops have the GYTR one new interested also, or if anyone can help me find a salvage bike place with the yz250 ones. Thanks.
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After he gets one I would like a 98 YZ250 kicker also
Ended up buying a new 98 unit as the GYTR is backordered :strokin: I found the cheapest was at ALBA action 160 plus shipping from the oem parts fiche for a 98 YZ250. Also found the 95-98 is the same and the 94-98 WR250 was the same.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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