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Vortex ECU error

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I just connected my vortex for the first time and when i open the switch i see 4 times the engine problem light flash
So i checked in the paper they gave me and it said:
4, TPS sensor input voltage high
tps connector unplugged
tps wiring short or open circuit
tps sensor wrong position adjustment
tps sensor faulty

I don't have a clue what it said?
anyone can help please how to fix it ?
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You should check the connection of the Throttle Position Sensor. It may be loose or have a bad connection. Otherwise, you may need to calibrate the position. Good luck.
I would be surprised if all the sudden your brand new 2014 yfzr had a tps problem the same time you plugged in your vortex. I'm pretty sure to set the vortex and TPS together you have to have the software or go somewhere that has the software. I would call Duncan Racing to see if they can help. Did you try to put the stock ECU back on, does it still have flashing codes?
Im stupid while i installed the fci i forgot to connect the sensor of tps
Now everything work
Can someone delete this thread
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