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Various Yfz Parts!

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I have photos available at http://s37.photobucket.com/albums/e90/wcollum/ . If you have any questions feel free to pm me, email me at [email protected], or call me at home (256)253-2913 - cell (256)201-8495. If you need more pics or better pics of certain areas let me know. More items will become available so please check back often to see updates.


*Stock steering stem and 7/8 Protaper handlebars (good condition) - $50 shipped
[Comes with hardware to mount handlebars to stem]

*FASTT CO. FLEXX BAR $100 off certificates (expires 12/09) - $50 each $90 for both
[Has been verified through Fasst Co. to ensure authenticity and both cannot be used on 1 set of bars]

94' KX500 Engine (has been sitting up for a while, needs rebuilt) 55-56hp stock - $800 Shipped
[I can get an exhaust and carb to go with if needed]

Houser +1 Anti-Vibe steering stem with Blue Rated X 1 1/8 clamp $150 shipped Stem has slight bend where it mounts to upper bracket, I am going to see about getting it straightened out but I thought this should be known. Stem does work properly and could be flipped to move the handlebars farther forward, just a thought.

Custom Axis dual rate rear shock $500 compression knob doesn't have a stopping point (its been like that since I bought it on here, I just never said anything to the seller)? Worked fine for me, I even have videos of me jumping 90 ft double with it so you will be able to check it out in action. I am just wanting to match my front/rear shocks setup.
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Early Morning bump. Remember that when the auctions get below 24 hrs I cant close them anymore.
updated info about the stem
Bump still got all the stuff but the sale may be pending on the rear shock
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