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Trying To Get All I Can

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Hello all .I have a 2008 yfz450. Ihave put a air fuel mixture scew in two and a half turns out ncvq 4th notch 172 main jet 45 pilot gytr air filter jadine slip on and air box lid is off. I live in northern Indiana for the elevation. I am looking for help to get it to pull harder threw the gears. I need some advice were to go next thanks to everyone
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Did you do the cam mod yet? That is a free mod that works very well.
try different gearing as well...
get an ignition box has high rpm limiter might get you little more
I wouldn't get a rev box, especially just with the mods you have now. Check out the fci fo shooooooo.
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jet engine[/b]
ive heard about that mod! depending on which model, i heard you can get about 25,000 lbs of thrust!
I've seen it haha.
put a 36t rear sprocket on. And is the Jardine a top end pipe? My Ironman outpulls any bottom end pipe ive ever ridden or raced.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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