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Tps high voltage

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Currently having issues with my 22 Yfz450r tps sensor having high voltage. I just got a vortex ecu and it doesn’t start at all with it because of the engine light. If I switch back to stock ecu it turns on like nothing. It all started when I was riding out in the mountains and at the end of the day the quad starting to idle weird. It would idle like if it was cammed. From that time I just started having problems with the quad. Couldn’t get it to idle idle good or get rid of check engine. Original code was 34 or 33 not sure. After it would idle weird I rode it about 2 times and it ended up siezing on me. Currently fully rebuilt I have another forum on upgrades. Anyways even after rebuilding it it not has the tps code. It’s a new sensor and it still had the code with old sensor. I set it right I have the maintenance manual. I ordered a 47mm rp throttle body and hoping that will fix it. I have a friend who said he had a similar problem and when he switched to the rp throttle body he got it to work. Just wanna post in advance so when I get the throttle body and it does still have the problem someone know how to fix it. Also I believe the stock throttle body’s are junk. It’s dumb how if your idle sensor goes bad you have to buy a whole other throttle body. And their not cheap. I just went ahead and go the rp one since it deleted the idle sensor with a manual one. It’s been problem after problem with this yfz and considering it’s basically brand new is weird. Also all the upgrades play a part but still it’s annoying.
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So I ended up figuring out the problem. The yellow wire that goes from the tps connector to the ecu connector was loose somehow. Might if pulled it at some point and basically wasn’t connecting to the ecu and throwing a code. All I did was pushed it all the way in with a small screw driver and plugged in my vortex and boom she turns on. I’m positive it’ll come off at some point and I’ll probably have to buy a new harness but until that happens in riding it like this 😂
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