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With all the hype and the few that have had the chance to hop on one and test were so excited so I was all over it. I debated it with my friends whom are all well knowledged in motocross and Atvs in general and went for it! I put down a deposit and bought then put in the truck before even taking a ride on this beast. I was takin a huge chance on if it was even the quad for me.

I brought it home (well after dark I might add) and I just had to take it for a low speed rip and find out my first thoughts. As I left my front yard and started short shifting down to the cemetry, my first thoughts were" Wow... this quads gonna rip" but I had restraint. I took the right into the cemetry in second with no lean (feeling right at home)....I see that the guys working at the stiff burner and he stands up looking out the window at my snake eyes so I whipped a U'y down into 1st .... dont you know it turned like it was on rails, I accelerated through the turn with no feelling of tipping at all. It just turned where I pointed it I goosed it a bit more then needed and powered out a nice wheelie. :O NICE torque!
My first ride was cut short but I knew right at that point that the shee was not going to see too much seat time any longer :re The only time I've stopped riding the YFZ is cept to sleep,eat sh#t,and work to pay for it. ;) :woo
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