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Tcs Shocks...

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will banshee tcs shocks fit an 04 yfz450???
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i would advise asking the seller of the shocks the measurements, then measuring yours.
wat about the mounts...
maybe sign up to a banshee forum and ask the width. I'd go measure them for you if i owned a banshee, lol.

boo 2 strokes yay 4 strokes!

dont forget to ask them the bolt diameters.
I'm pretty sure the mounts are different. Ask for a measurement of that too, then measure yours.
well my measurments are 16"...
The mounting shouldnt me an issue, seeing as how everybody puts stock yfz shocks on a banshee, why not be able to put banshee shocks on a yfz.... get what I'm saying? You should be fine...
the bolt diameters and upper shock eyelet are the same but the lower eyelet is slighty narrower but the same size bolt so if your tcs shock is similar to an elka or fox you could chuck the insert in a lathe and remove some metal and they will work provided the valving is right
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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