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Tag Bumper Opinions

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How does this look, have any of you ever had any problems with TAG?
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not a bad photoshop job.

looks good too
lol, yes it IS a bad photoshop job. lol. i used the blur tool too much =P
i think it looks awesome...

and for the record, ive rear-ended the piss out of a couple people, and havent bent anything, a couple metal gouges is all. i like em
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i think im going to get it, i found one new on ebay for $75 shipped.
im getting everything big thats aluminum PCd black for black accents (bumper (although now im getting the TAG) grab bar, exhaust can, that little thing on the right side that cages the rear brake line on the side of the frame, and the wheel grille things that keep rocks out of your calipers)
you can powder coat your shock springs too, see above...
I like mine, but they arent that strong IMO. For MX they are alright i guess, but if u do a lot of fast trail riding, id get something a little thicker. I rolled mine over on its nose once, flat tracking in a field with a friend. We got it bermed up pretty good, 3rd gear pinned, hit the berm. You get the picture. It flipped once, landed on its side, bent one tie rod slightly and bent the clutch side of the bumper in bout 1.5 inches. I had to take that sides top bolt out and beat it back straight. The other 3 line up, but that one is a good ways off.

They look good tho IMO, especially black.

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i thought of getting on but i dodnt think it would offer much coverage without a screen for trails or xc
ordered it today, $73.90 shipped and new =)
also, i like the white springs, my scheme is gray/white/red/black
Looks functional, easy to yank your quad around with it.
yeah, it does look really easy to grab onto and lift. one of the reasons i like it.
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