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Table Top

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Hey can I get some pictures of some table tops that u have built thanks. I'm looking at building one about 60 ft.
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I would suggest going bigger. i dont know your skill level, but you will want to add on once you get it built, it seems so shrt once you get good at it.
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I would suggest going bigger. i dont know your skill level, but you will want to add on once you get it built, it seems so shrt once you get good at it.[/b]
ok how far do u think about 70-80

anyone got pictures
im building a whole track so pictures of other jumps and such would be great to
if you have the space i would get the dirt for a 75 ft tabletop, and build a 60. add on as you get comfy.
I say if you want it 60 feet, build it 60 feet and add on later if you start to feel like it's too small. You don't want to build jumps you aren't gonna hit, so if you don't feel comfortable on a bigger jump.........don't build it.
Well, I'd honestly build it around 70. even if you CANT clear that right off the bat, thats the beauty of a table top.. you can keep trying and coming up short and not get hurt! ha.

just my .02
the distance isnt a problem with me I would fell fine jumping an 80 foot table but my parent arent to found of it lol.

any pic?????
then i would build an 80 and say it is a 50
That is a LOT of dirt. I will keep an eye out for a pic.

But even with a table top...if you come up short on a 70 table....that is still gonna hurt like a mother effer and posssibly mess you up. I agree with Grant. Go with what is comfortable for you. No shame in starting small and growing. My first jump in my backyard was a 10 foot table and a "double" that is like 8 feet apart lol
I'd build a 60ft and if you have problems over shooting it either make it longer or steepen the face so it shoots you higher. I have always kept mine short and made them shoot you up because tabletops take a chit load of dirt.
You can always do something like what I plan on doing. I'm planning on building a table top where the "top" flat part of the table is only 30-40' long or so, but then it will gradually taper downward another 30-40'..... this way the guys riding it that are not comfortable or still gaining skill can just jump it as little as they want and as their skill progresses they can hit it farther and farther.
It will be something like the jump at Wildcat Creek if youve ever seen it (the one before their long table top). It has a nice steep face to it and then after you clear their short gap it gradually tapers downward for 50' or maybe more. Some guys take it full on and some take it and land short with no problems.
Just an idea for you.

I tried finding pics of it on google but had no luck, I'm sure someone on here might have one for you for an idea though.
well im pretty comfortable jumping right now I have a 35-40 ft steep up jump and it seems like nothing.
i find my frends 60 is just right. Its super fun to hit once you get the balls to hit it, it looks super intimidating lol ut im hopin to join the 100 foot club sometime soon...
anyone got pictures ???
no offense, but why don't you just go on youtube or google and get pics. You really don't need them. Just build it to a width you like, and then build the length you want. The lip you just work on till you get it to throw you nicely in the air.
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man id w00ter a brick going up that redbud jump[/b]
lol i was thinkin the same thing!
I have hit that jump (RedBud). Its called the larocco's leap. It's actually a huge uphill triple. ATV's can only double it. Its scary your first time rippin up the face of that jump I must say! Gotta change the undies haha.

About a 60ft table top. I'd say just don't cheap out. Make sure its wide enough. 60ft is long enough where if you go off sideways on the lip you're going to want that extra room. To save some dirt the first 15ft. or so, you could have it cut out kinda like a double with a huge landing. I'm not sure how much dirt/time you have to work with. Good luck on the build! Post pictures when its done :)
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