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The Throttle Override System (TORS) is comprised of several components:

throttle switch (little black wire coming into the thumb trottle housing
carb switch (the lower of the (2) wiring connections on the carb &
TPS or throttle postion sensor (the higher/upper of the (2) wiring connections on the carb.

The CDI on the YFZ450 take a variable (resistive) signal from the TPS and determines basically wether to send spark or not. I have found/had absolutly no issues with having the TORS completely removed. The CDI will still need an "OK" signal so there are (2) wires out of the CDI that need to be connected/shorted together and it's over.

Getting rid of the TORS will allow the use of other carbs and help eliminate some wiring.

If anyone tells you differently, well...

Mapping... pfft! Who's got time for a map a WOT?
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