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Streeing Stabilizer

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hey guys quick question i was lookin to buy a gibson streeing Stabilizer from a yfz central member and i was wondering if the Stabilizer is universal will it fit around any stem? the seller wasnt so sure so to make this buy and sell alot easier for the both of us, i wanted to make sure be4 i got it and it didnt fit my stem ( witch im not sure what brand it is isnt stock tho).... thanks from the both of us...
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i believe all manufacturers use the same stem diameter on the YFZ... but all you have to do is measure the outside diameter of your stem, and have the seller measure the inside diameter of the clamp.
thanks man, i figuerd if my stem fits the stock clamp by the gastank im sure the Stabilizer will fit around my stem since he was using it on his stock stem... im 90% sure there all the same diameter anyways..
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