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Anyone have extra stickers they could live without? FOX? YAMAHA? SHIFT?? LRD??
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If you ask yamaha nicely in a letter they will give you some for free, lol.
Pretty much all companies will send you stickers for free if you write to them.
I'm still waiting for a reply from DMC and Prodesign, i mailed them i while ago.
you could also try sending a self addressed envelope adn im sure you will get some! i did!
Sorry man, all my spare stickers are used for my toolboxes. I know for a fact you can send self addressed stamps to places like DFR and they'll send you back some like previously stated. Just check a bunch of parts websites and look for a stickers link.
Heres all the info you need--

Past topic

everything you need right here!!!
^^^^^^^^^^^^^Now that's a good man right there! Nice post! :bowdown:
that is good got the frige in the shop lookin bare.
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Great Post. Tried it today and got emails back already saying stickers are in the mail.
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