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Stem Bearing?

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on my yfz theres a little clamp with the rubber pieces in that hold the stem to the frame, but the rubber bushings keep getting worn out really bad. Is there a place where I can get a clamp that holds a bearing in there instead of bushings? Also my stem bushing keeps getting worn out with only a few hours, could this be because of a bent tie rod or unaligned steering?
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You may want to try this....
Greasable Steering Stem Mount (click here)
are you tightening it too much or too little? any chance your stem is bent?

what stem bushing are you talking about?
I am talking about the clamp that spilldathrill gave the link to. I have the stock one with no grease zerk, and I replace the little rubber orings 2 times and they keep wearing out. Also I was talking about the bottom bearing that goes into the frame that the stem bolts into. That little bearing has gone out 5 times now. and I was wondering if a bent tierod could be the culprit? One of my tierods is bent, and thats the only thing i can think of. I am going to order that clamp, mine wears so fast from lack of grease I am thinking.

Oh, I meant to say bearing that the nut holds in the frame, not bushing.
that bearing shouldnt wear out that fast, it barely moves through the travel of the stem. i would check that you are installing the stem properly, especially the flag, the large washer, and torquing everything down properly, the stem nut should be torqued down to 130 ft/lbs, which is a ton of torque, really locking the stem and bearing together.
I've never used the greasable steering stem mount myself but I am curious to hear if it's worth it. If you do end up buying it, make sure you post a review to let us know how you like it.
I drilled a hole and put a groove in the stock one and installed my own grease zerk. works great, no more squeaky stem!
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