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Steering Stem Nut

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is the nut for the steering stem reverse thread or just on there that tight?
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im 90% sure its just on there really tight. i think it has a cotter pin that you have to take out though...
i took out the odd shaped cotter pin. its just that hard?
yeah, probably, i would get a socket or wrench on there and then jam it against something and turn the bars left.. if there still on there...
well i bent my stem last weekend (upper side) thats why im trying to get the nut off lol. ima go back out and put an impact gun on it and try to get it off
lol, i just assumed you didnt have an impact. that should do the trick ;)
so after the nut is removed and the bars, does the stem pull out or screw out?
theres a little clamp up top that also hold it in, then it jst pulls out.
i took the 2 bolts out that run perpendicular to the bars and then nut is off. now it should just pull right out correct?
aight thanks. ima put the bars back on and try to use those to pull it out. thanks
ok its out. can you bend those back to strait?
I wouldn't try, you'd be better off just getting a new one.
i was just curious. i have one coming so i should be good.
lol dont plan on bending it again but we all know how that goes!
just a FYI, the manual says the torque spec on the steering stem nut is 130 ft/lbs. which is a LOT
haha, yeah its about 18.055555555555555555555 times as much as the cam towers.
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