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Starting My Tear Down/rebuild

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On March 15 i started tearing down a stock 2004 yfz that i picked up for 1000 and started parting out the blown motor and some other little parts so now im using the frame and some other parts to get started on my build. Ill be posting pics as i make some progress its most likely going to take a while beings im on a tight budget reason why im building from ground up is so every time i get a couple hundred saved i can buy some parts hopefully ill have it for summer.

Here are some pictures before and then the tear down ill post some more next week when i get my frame back from powder coating

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what r ur playns for that bad boy
hopefully completely rebuild it from stock, sending frame and some other parts for powder coating this week going to go all black, just ordered my walsh stem hopefully ill be running a walsh setup not sure on shocks yet im either going to go with the factory look all black with blue plastics and black hipers or red laker customs with red hipers
I've always liked the black frame/blue plastic look. Hopefully you have it done this summer. Looking forward to seeing what you do with it.
thanks alot...and ye it better look good after you guys do the powder coating hahahaha thanks again
You've got my guarantee on that! [attachment=5494:cool.gif]


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i wish i could wake up off my bed and look at my quad!!
lol ye i cant wait to wake up to it clean and fresh though
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