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Starting Issues? Needs Alittle Throttle To Get Going.

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Today i went out to start my quad (about 30 degrees out)...which i road yesterday and i was literally cranking it over for about 5 minutes and it just slowly killed the battery then finally fired up. From what i can tell in any weather it needs a tiny bit of throttle just held in to start but it runs great once its started. When its warm out it starts alot easier but still needs alittle gas and takes alittle bit of time (anywhere from a couple seconds to a minute or two, when 50 or above). Once its warmed up just the throttle held in a small amount and fires right up. Its only when the motors cold i have a problem.

I just bought it about a week ago and never have gotten it started without a small amount of throttle and if i give it alot of throttle it backfires(loud). It runs great though doesnt backfire at all when running and has great power. It does how ever have a tiny battery with foam pads under it so i think the battery has a very hard time spinning it fast enough to get it to start easy especally when cold but i think theres something else thats not helping with the issue also.

its a 2004 with a 13.1 compression piston with k&n intake and full duncan exhaust. I dont know the jetting size but i can look tomorow.

The day It was being hard to start (It was 110 in the tank before was 50/50 and it seems to start easier with 50/50.

Also one more thing i just changed the oil today and notice when i started it after it blew alittle blue smoke when i revved it but never did before just after the oil change. but only a few revvs after the start up after the oil change. Is this normal?
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I would make sure the throttle cable is allowing the slide to go down all the way, idle needs to be higher then you'd expect at 1850rpm.... then check the pilot jet and fuel screw. 45-48 is the normal range for the pilot jet, and the fuel screw is normally 1.5 - 2 full turns out from fully closed.
yea, raise your idle and you should be good.
ya i did raise it alittle before ill try some more and see what happens....ill probably just end up checking my valves if that dont work.
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