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starting from scratch

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decided to start a build for the 2015 season from scratch. i always hated buying a stock quad and ending up having half a quad worth of stock parts sitting on a shelf by the time i was done with a build so i purchased a bare frame and began buying parts piece by piece to build it my way. going to make this a dual threat build and race it MX and XC for 2015. i have about half of the parts i need before i have what is to be an entire quad and then i will begin assembly. ill be adding photos and a parts list to this as i go

Carb model chassis
BPS Racing built engine (ported 14:1)
Rocket Exhaust
Twin Air intake
Engine Ice
Duro Berm Raider rear tires/ Hookup fronts
DWT G2 wheels (beadlock rears)
Lone Star DC4 arms
Race Tech built shocks (YFZR fronts, LT)
Rath Racing nerfs, bumpers and skid
Renthal bars
ODI grips
SunStar sprockets and chain

im sure im forgetting a few things i have so far but thats a majority of it at this point. there is a small list of things im unsure what route to go though still but i guess i have until april to figure it out since we just got 3' of snow and threw us into snowmobile season a bit early

unsure parts list..
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How's that rocket exhaust?
How's that rocket exhaust?
i ran an entire season on it and i love it. fit and finish was top notch, you can actually customize their system when you order it (end pipe length, color of any part of the exhaust, exhaust materials used) and it flat out performed better than my previous systems i ran ( FMF, Yoshimura, Phoenix)
last minute sponsor switch! now using Rath Racing instead of Pro Armor. purely based on customer service for the initial switch. time to get Rath some more podiums!
well, update on my build! frame and small parts are off to powder coating next week and going to be coming back as a true Yamaha Blue color the same as the 2015 yfzr frame is. engine is slated to be finished this week. cant wait to rip a true 60HP 14:1 setup. Andersin Design hooked me up with the best looking graphics setup ive ever had for sure. ill psot pictures this weekend of the updates, its rolling along now!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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