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Starter Good And Wont Start

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I have a 2004 yfz 450 that recently decided not to start at all....i can push start it and will run fine. But when i hit my starter switch, it will spin my starter and the reducer gear to the crank, but i can not tell if it was spinning that at all. Have had the stater cover off many of times and just wondering if anyone could possibly let me know what could be going on or maybe a simple fix. Thank you everyone
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Try CHECKING THE STARTER CLUTCH.(starter one-way clutch)Install the starter wheel gear to the starter
clutch, and hold the starter clutch.. When turning the starter wheel gear
counter clockwise the starter clutch and
the wheel gear should be engaged.
If not, the starter clutch is faulty. Replace it.
When turning the starter wheel gear clockwise
the starter wheel gear should turn
If not, the starter clutch is faulty. Replace it.soud like thats your problem if a clicks.
My neighbor had the same problem and we just put my CDI box in his and it started right up. His was aftermarket and mine was stock so if you can borrow one try that.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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