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Ok. Turns out theres nothing nefarious going on. I contacted Elka directly. The place i ordered them from is one of a handful of authorized elka service centers in the US. Per Elka these shops build and service elkas, they also build custom elka setups. Elka stated they have a list of spring manufacturers they work with for custom jobs. I was referred to shop by a pro atv mx national guy.
Based on my weight, setup, and who referred me, they felt the white spring was optimal. The pro stated he and several other top contenders race with the white spring in rear.

After contacting Elka, i had several missed calls. My contact reached out after reading my first questioning, then unhappy emails sent over the weekend. Long story short, he apologized for the miscommunication, based on who referred me and me running the same setup, they assumed i wanted a full custom setup. I told him i was more comfortable with a black elka spring. They provided me prepaid label, shock is heading back to them, theyll have it back to me on Friday.
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