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Srp Steering Stabilizer

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Ok, i dont know if it is the same for every YFZ, but since i got my 2006 yfz450 back in May 2007, it has been notorious for wild, erratic steering. I have just installed a Houser +1 stem with 1 1/8 Pro Tapers, and i am now in the market for a steering stabilizer. I am strictly riding motocross. I am leaning towards the SRP, mainly because it is the only stabilizers that MagicRacing.com offers, and i put 100% trust in them, and i love their customer service and shipping times. I want opinions on the stabilizer. Pros, cons, etc. I want a rebuildable one as i will rebuild it once or twice a year. And if anyone thinks another brand is better, give me your opinions.

Oh and one other important thing, i am absolutely NOT in the market for a disc style stabilizer such as Precision or Elka. I know they are better, but i can spend $500 more productively else where!!
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