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Doesnt answer the question, but may I ask why you guys are going to bigger sprockets??? The bike is short geared stock, unless your running 15t front sprockets???

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Originally posted by Darknight@Dec 10 2003, 04:54 PM
Doesnt answer the question, but may I ask why you guys are going to bigger sprockets???  The bike is short geared stock, unless your running 15t front sprockets???
Apparently you don't run in the sand dunes. I run much better w/ 14/41 versus 14/38 on my regular hills and having a variety of sprockets for front and rear gives me all the options I need withing th given range.

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We run our 450's both flat drags and hill shooting so our best gearing is different than selectors, who is a track racer if I remember right. , I think.

We are just the average family who likes to have fun on the sand, so our needs are different. We run fastest with increasing the front sprocket to a 15 and leaving the back at 38 on one quad with 21 inch paddles nad the other with 22 inch tires does great with a 37 on the back only.

you don't get any top end with the bigger gears in back for the flat drags, youll get beat by raptors banshees and DS-650.

with a 15 tooth none of those can usually beat you.

for the track going bigger in back slows you down a bit and you have better range for trails and small tracks, so that is a feasible way to go for better performance.

For track racing, going up in the back is very useful since you would never use stock gearing in fifth gear at WOT, never get going that fast, so you have an empty gear sitting there. I think selector races so he is optimizing for racing.

Sand people would never gear down if they drag , they would loose.

so whatever you do there is a best way to do it.

so it really depends on what you do and how you drive it.

The best way to tell is to try different gear combinations and see what is fastest.

twe tried stock, 37 on back 36 on back stock rear with 15 on front, 15 on front with 38 in back, 37 in back and 36 in back.

for hills the 15 on front is the fastest.

this was compared with a stock geared 450.

For drags you want to get to three gears if possible cause each shift takes time, some special Banshees redo their trannies to run only 3-4-5 (or is it 4-5-6?) not sure, they won't tell you and we never cared to find out. But when you get to those ranges, it is very secret so you probably don't know for sure by asking. Anyway they try to keep the gears less and wider range and perfectly top out up a certain hill at their peak power curve.

The final test of course is to see who is fastest, and this can take years to figure out on just one hill, so I doubt if they will just tell you :lol .

Oldsmobile gearing is different than comp hill gearing and that is different from lizard hill gearing etc.

we are talking about 5 feet differences here, so only the most esoteric racers start fooling with the gears.

and finally, whatever feels best for you is how you should gear it.

And sometimes it is just plain random chance.
for example, we took a special trip down to Oregon just to see how fast we could get the 450 to go, and we put a 15 tooth on front and a 36 tooth on back with 22 inch paddles. (and special fuel), so here we are wondering if we can hit 80 mph and lo and behold we meat a tricked out all aluminum deadly fast special sparks raptor on alternate fuel (he said race gas but it smelled like alky) he wouldnt say, and with wild gearing in the back!

so we dragged him up the comp hill and were very even ! we were surprised! so I said aha! if he can do so well on the sand hill he must be geared down, so we challenged him to the flat drag (what we came out for!)

so they race three times, and he ties us!

we hit 83 MPH and so did he

we were surprised and he was very surprised and all the entourage that came to watch (some really fast banshees and raptors were surprised at both of us (no one else would race us)

point being, we were specially geared for the top end, and so was HE! and we both didnt suspect the other! :lol And after all that we about tied!

so you see, no matter what you do it basically comes down to who will win and you always get surprised!
that is what makes it fun.

now, to beat him I would get a rocket science banshee and smoke his tail, but, really, that is not as fun, cause he wouldn't even try to race us then! :lol

anyway we had fun and so did he and we all made friends and had a great weekend.

so, in effect, the fun is in the getting there.
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